This post is one that should have been written quite some time ago, in April. However life sidetracked me and it didn’t happen. Here it is for you now.

1pm-there was paint.

Today was the day of Drake University’s annual Street Painting. As normal individuals come with old usless clothing to get completely covered in paint. I was organizing the DUiN square therefore I was there once time started. While working individuals from the organization stopped by, one of this individuals was also a fellow classmate and friend Laura. After looking at her for a second I noticed that her shirt looked awfully familiar.

Back to 2006-hurdles.

I spent my high school years running on the track. I was in love with my event, hurdles, once my coach convinced me to try them. After my freshman year my friends all told me, “you will go to state before you graduate.” This excited me. I wanted to try all I could just to get to that point. Upon my sophomore year I ran my fastest time at sectionals. However I did not qualify for state but it was a miraculous improvement for me. This was my first time at sectionals and my mother decided to buy a way to remember it, a t-shirt.

The year 2009-college.

Once I got to college I brought along my favorite track shirts. I was on the track team so I needed to support my favorite activity. I lived in the freshman dorms and often did loads of  laundry in the basement.

1:10-pink tie dye.

This shirt was covered in paint after clearly having worn it at street painting in a previous year. However I was still able to make out the original tye die color and certain other design elements. I asked Laura where she had gotten her shirt, she had mentinoed it was from her friend Jessica. Conviently I also knew Jessica, I proceeded to ask her where she had gotten it. Jessica replied that she had purchased it from the Drake “salvage” sale (where people give there unwanted clothing to be purchased and the money goes to a cause).

I am not sure how my shirt made it from my closet to the salvage sale. I would not have put it there as it is a favorite memory of my life. I have come to assume that I left it in the laundry room and they then put all items from the lost and found into the sale.

Daily Designer Fact: blue “street painting” flip flops & orange toenail paint

Final Note: Laura asked if I wanted her to return it, I declined.