running water

Massive Noise

Last night as I was showering I noticed an interesting thing. When my neck/lower part of my head is exposed to the running water of the faucet I can hear an interesting noise in my ears. The water must be hitting something relating to my ears, because it sounds like there is a massive noise coming from the apartment above.

It was really strange at first, I thought I was just imagining it. But then I attempted it again. It made me think of how one can hear the ocean from inside of a shell. Somehow this noise is scary yet calming at the same time.

I urge you to listen for it next time you are in the shower. I can also say that the water hitting that area feels very much like a massage. I can still remember how it felt a day later.

Childhood Influences

Design because of Childhood?

After examining my last two posts, I am starting to see a pattern. I feel as if my interest in design/art career might some how be rooted to things I have done as a child. My fascination with cake decorating as well as my desire to whittle things. I am interested to see if this process continues as I go on this new road of discovery. What new things will I learn about myself in the process? I can’t wait.

A Sharp Knife


May I borrow your Knife?

While sitting around a campfire as a child, I would watch my brother take a stick and his knife and whittle the stick to a sharp point. Being the little sister I naturally wanted to follow suit. I would find my own stick and ask him if I could borrow his knife. Everytime we were camping someone always had a stick and their knife.

Last night as I was preparing to start my new round of shoe drawings, I noticed that I was once again whittling. I had been shaving my pencils for 3 years now but had never noticed the similarities to my childhood. I have this urge to be perfect and not hurt the tip of the pencil. Somewhere along the line I worked to prefect the skill as much as I could.

Daily Designer Fact: gold toenail paint, green/blue striped short socks, black flats from big sis.


Forever I have been in love with frosting. But I do have my specifics, I prefer the frosting that gets hard when you put it in the fridge, otherwise known as NOT the whip cream frosting.

29 Super

As a child we would go to church on Sunday. Afterwards the family would adventure to 29 Super to get groceries as well as to have lunch. Often during this time I would adventure to the cake area and watch the artists at work. I can vividly remember them changing colors in the sprayer and watching them make flowers on (what I just discovered is called) a rose nail. I have watched from start to finish on certain occasions adding frosting to a blank cake and swooping around all sides with collaborative piping.

Funny thing is I wouldn’t be craving the frosting. I simply wanted to “ooh” and “ahh” at their fabulous work. Now that I look back on this event, it might have some impact on my reason for design.

Birthday Celebrations

Since I have become close with my group of friends a tradition has evolved. Every birthday is usually a dinner out, the birthday girl however does not get to choose. Usually we dress up and take her out, at the end of dinner she is never left with the check. Afterwards is the return home to the birthday treat.

It is discussed as to what type of birthday cake the girl should get. And one talented lady has always been in charge of making the cake. Once upon a time she took a cake decorating class and has since developed a love for the art. Even purchasing a kit with piping tips and everything.

Another birthday has just passed within our small clan, and yet again the birthday cake was present. However for this occasion we (my roommate and myself) were asked to help decorate. We ventured over to Ms. Cake Lady’s apartment, she had previously baked the cake and now frosting was starting to get underway.


Ms. Cake Lady decided after layering the cake with white frosting, that it would be up to us to decorate the cake. AHHHH!!! Intimidation!!! Naturally then the remark from my roommate was, “you are a designer, you do it!” The pressure was on. I knew that I was incredibly excited to try it for the first time but still incredibly intimidated. It came down to my roommate suggesting which tip I should use, and how.

My first job was then to create swirls on the bottom of the cake. Note, do not start in the front of the cake when you are experimenting for the first time. I somehow didn’t think of this prior to starting. But overall it went fairly well. There were a few errors but for the most part my hand was quite steady. Perhaps not even but that is something to be worked on.

The second tip was for the top part. I was instructed to create flower like bursts with a new tip all the way around, varying in sizes. Well this tip was a little bit more fickle than the last. The definition of the tip did not want to show as much so it took some time to create definition. Before I was a quarter of the way around the cake my design took over. I wanted to add more, to create decorative loops with the bursts. Every so often I would jump off the edge to create a swirl, either on the top of the cake or the side.


Once my frosting had gone completely around I was immediately saddened. No more cake to frost. However there was a plus side, frosting was still left inside my piping bag. Knowing neither of my girlfriends would like to eat it, I indulged myself. Oh blue frosting how you decorated my mouth! There is only so much I could take.

After eating a good amount of frosting I finally retired the piping bag. Of course it was mentioned how my lips and tongue were now blue. That is a downfall of frosting, especially since you cannot wash or brush it off. (And yes, I did try.)


The side of the cake. This is two days after the original decoration date, as that is the birthday girl’s birthday.


Daily Designer Fact: gold toenail paint, blue fuzzy socks, purple asics tennis shoes.