Molly is the name. I would spell the last, however you would only mispronounce it. Therefore we will just stick with Molly, if you please.

Track: my one truest love. I hurdled in high school and 1 year in college. I no longer hurdle, but it is forever in my heart. I am constantly drawn to the track. The sight of a hurdle makes my heart ache.

Shoes: you may have noticed my random fact involves my feet. I adore my feet and shoes. I have done numerous projects that entail some aspect. High heels are a weakness, goodbye spare change.

Snorts: I am a snorter. As a result of my brother’s girlfriend, I picked up constantly snorting when I laugh. Sometimes people will count my snorts. It can be both interesting and obnoxious.

Design Past (pre-college): in 2003 or 2004 (middle school) I was introduced to the world of graphic design or graphic arts as we called it. A quarter of my year was spend in a graphic arts class. I decided to take the course when I got to high school. Throughout my four years in school, it stuck.

Design Present (freshman college-now): I am attending Drake University to peruse my love of design. I am currently embarking on my final year to achieve my Bachelors of Fine Arts in Graphic Design with a minor in Drawing.

Wisconsin: I was born there. I was raised there. I love it there.

Dancing: I started ballet at the age of 3. I dropped out of organized dance classes at the age of 12. But you will often find me dancing. The locations you can find me dancing are endless.

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