Don’t Forget, Forever Save


I am an avid believer that when you create work there are no bad ideas. In design especially one will come up (usually) with numerous ideas for the same project, maybe 30 different illustrations for a logo, 10 different suggestions for a book design, and 17 different ways to create a package. Often times people will have all these ideas then go with one.

How many different ideas have been left in the dust?

Are this ideas valid for any other purpose?


One never knows when an old idea could be helpful again. Perhaps the 8th version of a logo you created in 2007 might be helpful in a package design in 2013. You never know. This is why I believe that one should save everything. Keep the older versions of projects, keep the sketches, don’t trash any of it.

Since you have already worked on the piece in the past that knowledge is stored somewhere in your brain. When coming up with a new idea there might be a click, “oh, oh, oh, where are those logo sketches for that small restaurant?” But without the actual files or physical documentation you might not be able to connect the ideas together solidly. It will be like the word that is on the tip of your tongue.


I have had the unfortunate privilege of loosing friendships in my life. Certain times relationships have fallen through because of a small mishap or even relocating to a different area. Lately I have started back on some of those old roads rekindling fires that have once gone out.

She was my best friend, in my life for 11 years. But something tore us apart. I didn’t talk to her at all. Her phone number was deleted and our friendship was effectively washed away in both the physical and digital world. A woman that meant the world to me I could no longer talk to, just remember what we had.

Upon a visit back to Wisconsin I decided to gather a few twigs and see if I could start a small flame. We talked. There was a glimmer of hope. It turned into getting lunch the next day. In which case it wasn’t awkward. There was potential for silence and just reminiscing of past situations. However it was actually progressive. It was strange to realize how much had changed in the 4 years we hadn’t been friends.

There was a long time in my life that I regretted our put out fire. I was frustrated with our relationship change and I just wanted it back. I have come to realize it is never something I can get back. It was a relationship. Now we are started down a new one. But even in that time we didn’t completely destroy the opportunity for a fire.

I almost feel as if it is like keeping sketches or ideas for design. Our friendship was full previously but it wasn’t right for the project. Upon numerous years later and because of new influences the relationship could start to exist again. It isn’t the same, but it doesn’t need to be. The project has changed, we have changed, there is now opportunity for it to develop into something new.

Horse A Piece

When traveling to different areas, whether that be in the state, country, or continent there is always a different in speech. There are numerous different ways to word the same thing. An instance I came across recently was Tic Tac Toe. In other countries it is called by other names. (For other information please reference a RadioLab Podcast Mapping Tic Tac Toe-dom or my commentary on the Podcast here.)

While I was younger my family and I would go out to eat every Saturday. We would have to decide where we were eating hopefully before leaving the house. In some instances we would decide while driving (usually because I had objected to every restaurant someone had suggested).

Once the restaurant is decided there is the discussion of which way shall we go to get there. This discussion usually comes up when traveling to Perkins. The only Perkins in our area is on the other side of a lake/river (depending on where you are). This then involves driving around it on the south side or the north side.

My dad would be driving and we would get near the stoplight where we would have to choose which direction to go, dad would ask, “Which way do you want to go?” Generally my sibling or I would reply, “It’s a horse a piece.”

This phrase has been common in my family forever. I have heard it since I was little and it is easily understandable. But since I have moved to Iowa for college I have started to notice that everyone is confused when I say it. I will often here “six of one half dozen of the other” coming from people instead. This phrase is completely lost by me, I understand it but can never remember the correct words or how they are organized in the phrase.

I guess it is a horse a piece either way.

Daily Designer Fact: coral toenail paint & white sandals, pink sparkly fingernail paint

the body

I was researching a project for my independent study and stumbled up on a link. H&M, the clothing store, often uses digital models online. I was completely thrown about this. The other aspect is that they use the heads of real people. So they are combining the body of digital women with the heads of real women to advertise online.

How strange? What does this say? It isn’t necessary to always see clothes on models when purchasing but yet they seem to be stressing this idea. I am thrown in this topic. I think I might need to process the information a bit more and see what else comes to mind.




churning stomach

When it comes to guys, one can have butterflies or be tongue tied. For me there is a strange thing I have started to noticed. My stomach goes crazy, but not in the normal butterflies way.

During my Christmas break I went a date. This would have been the first date in … hmm 4 years. Naturally I would be nervous, all the things of what to do and what not to do on a first date were running through my head. What do I wear? All the crazy girl things.

The date ended up going well and turned into more of a hang out session. I had spent about five hours with him before I needed to go to dinner with my family. This is where it gets strange.

[On a day to day basis I tend to eat a lot of food. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, then a later dinner and lots of snacking in between.]

However when I went to dinner the idea of food wasn’t thrilling. I couldn’t get myself to order a full meal because I knew I wouldn’t eat it. So instead I got an appetizer salad and mac & cheese. With my father at my side I knew that if I couldn’t finish something he could.

The salad came, I could barely eat it. I didn’t even eat half. My mac and cheese showed up with everyone else’s meal. I ate a total of maybe 10 noodles before I gave up. My stomach was churning the whole time I was at dinner, for no specific reason.

After dinner I ended up spending time with my date from earlier. I went over and told him how my stomach was crazy during dinner and how I couldn’t eat. But while I was talking about it I noticed that my stomach was fine. It didn’t act up at all for the rest of the night.

—   —   —   —   —

Later I started to consider my stomach churning. I remembered this previously happening with a boyfriend or fling. For me my “butterflies” exist when I am not with the person. It is a strange change from the norm. I am not sure that I appreciate it. But yet it is a way of letting me know that I cared about someone. I can’t say I look forward to my next romantic encounter and the churning stomach I’ll have when I am not with them.

Daily Designer Fact: gold toenail paint.

running water

Massive Noise

Last night as I was showering I noticed an interesting thing. When my neck/lower part of my head is exposed to the running water of the faucet I can hear an interesting noise in my ears. The water must be hitting something relating to my ears, because it sounds like there is a massive noise coming from the apartment above.

It was really strange at first, I thought I was just imagining it. But then I attempted it again. It made me think of how one can hear the ocean from inside of a shell. Somehow this noise is scary yet calming at the same time.

I urge you to listen for it next time you are in the shower. I can also say that the water hitting that area feels very much like a massage. I can still remember how it felt a day later.

Childhood Influences

Design because of Childhood?

After examining my last two posts, I am starting to see a pattern. I feel as if my interest in design/art career might some how be rooted to things I have done as a child. My fascination with cake decorating as well as my desire to whittle things. I am interested to see if this process continues as I go on this new road of discovery. What new things will I learn about myself in the process? I can’t wait.

Birth of Designer’s Hurdle

As the world turned and as my day evolved I discovered something, today has been quite interesting. This sparked my desire to start a blog, as other social media such as Facebook or Twitter are not the place to house these stories or blurbs from my life that I wish to share.

Please do read. However I do caution, some days my words will turn into lengthy pages, other days I might write short sentences. The choice is yours to read or ignore. : )

Have a lovely day!