Often times people will ask you about your greatest achievement. Yesterday during a mock interview with AIGA Iowa I was asked such a question. At the time I was cut off and didn’t get a chance to answer, but ever since I have been thinking about it.

For most of high school life and beyond I have had the same greatest achievement. This was my track success. During my sophomore year I got my best personal record and during my junior year I went to state. These two accomplishments in themselves have been the most moving thing in my life. Up until today.

Today is the change of accomplishments. A few weeks ago I entered four of my art pieces into the 41st Annual Juried Student Show at Drake University. I had hopes that maybe this year one of my pieces would get selected. Well surprise, surprise not one but two of my pieces were selected. The opening for the show… is today.

It is approximately 38 minutes till the show opens and I cannot feel anything other than excitement. I have never had my work shown on this level before. Sometimes there are achievements that you stumble upon, such as having my art shown because the professor planned all of the work to be shown. Other achievements you have to earn, such as this one. The juror had no idea who I was or what I am like in class. She still selected my work as one that everyone else should see. What an honor.

So today I celebrate my new greatest achievement. And I urge you to come help me celebrate this achievement at the show or just by coming to view my work in the Anderson Gallery sometime before the exhibit closes at the end of March. I never thought I would replace the love and passion of my track achievement, but I guess it truly shows my priorities are now focused more on my career rather than my hobbies.

Childhood Influences

Design because of Childhood?

After examining my last two posts, I am starting to see a pattern. I feel as if my interest in design/art career might some how be rooted to things I have done as a child. My fascination with cake decorating as well as my desire to whittle things. I am interested to see if this process continues as I go on this new road of discovery. What new things will I learn about myself in the process? I can’t wait.

Unoriginal Original

Website – Design

I am currently in the process of creating my website, the only problem, I haven’t coded a website in a while. I can create a whole elaborate website for the Acts Sci program yet when it comes to my own life I am stumped. I keep going back to all of the elements that need to be included on my website, the about page, the portfolio page instead of actually doing the work.

There is another issue that the overall design of my website looks like my resume, however next semester in my Capstone, we are working on our resume, what if it changes? I do enjoy that my website, resume, and cover letter all are unified. I just know I will have to go back and change my website if my resume changes. I wish I could have already taken this class.

Portfolio – UPDATE

The frustrating thing about design is the constant need to update your portfolio. But which one should I update? With my current website design there is that portfolio, but I am also hosting my portfolio on another website until mine is running. There is also the digital portfolio so that I can e-mail it for job applications. But then there is the hard copy portfolio. To further this issue, different jobs may require different portfolio pieces.

To have a job – Or have an internship

I was offered my same internship that I had this summer with the Des Moines Arts Festival®. However now I am trying to figure out if it is in my best interests to go back to the internship that I loved, or go find a job. At the current point it probably won’t turn into a job as there were just cuts within the entire company. It is something I enjoyed and it would help me elaborate on my portfolio, yet again. What to do, where to go!

Daily Designer Fact: red toenail paint and ‘gold toe’ socks