During the opening reception today there was an awards ceremony. President David Maxwell was there to present the 9 juror awards as well as a Provost Purchase award. Names started being called, many were fine art majors as it normally goes. Then all of a sudden Prez. Maxwell started a name then stopped. This brief stutter made me think I had heard the beginning of an M name.

Could that have been me?

He started again, this time continuing on to announce that Molly Bochanyin & Stephanie Werning had won an award in the graphic design category for our Hamlet Playbill & Poster. I was completely stunned! Of course I had hoped to get an award but never did I actually expect someone would see my work worthy enough to achieve one. Let alone it is also a shock to see an award for my Graphic Design work. It isn’t often that people enjoy my design work THAT much to select it above others. Generally it is just a mix of the average.

Stephanie and I walked up and got our award from Prez. Maxwell and his wife, shaking both of their hands. By the time I got back to my friends I was still completely surprised. Somewhere between announcing the rest of the awards and announcing the Provost Purchase Award (Props to Sandi!!) I started crying.

I was thrilled beyond belief to have the honor. It was so unexpected. It was great to have my girls there in support as well. They asked if I knew it was going to happen and I definitely replied that I had no idea! As if getting my work in the show wasn’t enough of an achievement this is like three times the amount of frosting that goes on a usual cake, and it is even orange – my favorite color!

To top it all off:

105 artworks were submitted (4 of which were mine)
35 artworks were selected {33% | submitted} (2 of which were mine)
9 artworks got juror awards [25% | accepted] {8% | submitted}(1 of which was mine)
and 1 got the provost purchase award [2% of accepted] {.9% | submitted}


Often times people will ask you about your greatest achievement. Yesterday during a mock interview with AIGA Iowa I was asked such a question. At the time I was cut off and didn’t get a chance to answer, but ever since I have been thinking about it.

For most of high school life and beyond I have had the same greatest achievement. This was my track success. During my sophomore year I got my best personal record and during my junior year I went to state. These two accomplishments in themselves have been the most moving thing in my life. Up until today.

Today is the change of accomplishments. A few weeks ago I entered four of my art pieces into the 41st Annual Juried Student Show at Drake University. I had hopes that maybe this year one of my pieces would get selected. Well surprise, surprise not one but two of my pieces were selected. The opening for the show… is today.

It is approximately 38 minutes till the show opens and I cannot feel anything other than excitement. I have never had my work shown on this level before. Sometimes there are achievements that you stumble upon, such as having my art shown because the professor planned all of the work to be shown. Other achievements you have to earn, such as this one. The juror had no idea who I was or what I am like in class. She still selected my work as one that everyone else should see. What an honor.

So today I celebrate my new greatest achievement. And I urge you to come help me celebrate this achievement at the show or just by coming to view my work in the Anderson Gallery sometime before the exhibit closes at the end of March. I never thought I would replace the love and passion of my track achievement, but I guess it truly shows my priorities are now focused more on my career rather than my hobbies.


This post is one that should have been written quite some time ago, in April. However life sidetracked me and it didn’t happen. Here it is for you now.

1pm-there was paint.

Today was the day of Drake University’s annual Street Painting. As normal individuals come with old usless clothing to get completely covered in paint. I was organizing the DUiN square therefore I was there once time started. While working individuals from the organization stopped by, one of this individuals was also a fellow classmate and friend Laura. After looking at her for a second I noticed that her shirt looked awfully familiar.

Back to 2006-hurdles.

I spent my high school years running on the track. I was in love with my event, hurdles, once my coach convinced me to try them. After my freshman year my friends all told me, “you will go to state before you graduate.” This excited me. I wanted to try all I could just to get to that point. Upon my sophomore year I ran my fastest time at sectionals. However I did not qualify for state but it was a miraculous improvement for me. This was my first time at sectionals and my mother decided to buy a way to remember it, a t-shirt.

The year 2009-college.

Once I got to college I brought along my favorite track shirts. I was on the track team so I needed to support my favorite activity. I lived in the freshman dorms and often did loads of  laundry in the basement.

1:10-pink tie dye.

This shirt was covered in paint after clearly having worn it at street painting in a previous year. However I was still able to make out the original tye die color and certain other design elements. I asked Laura where she had gotten her shirt, she had mentinoed it was from her friend Jessica. Conviently I also knew Jessica, I proceeded to ask her where she had gotten it. Jessica replied that she had purchased it from the Drake “salvage” sale (where people give there unwanted clothing to be purchased and the money goes to a cause).

I am not sure how my shirt made it from my closet to the salvage sale. I would not have put it there as it is a favorite memory of my life. I have come to assume that I left it in the laundry room and they then put all items from the lost and found into the sale.

Daily Designer Fact: blue “street painting” flip flops & orange toenail paint

Final Note: Laura asked if I wanted her to return it, I declined.