Horse A Piece

When traveling to different areas, whether that be in the state, country, or continent there is always a different in speech. There are numerous different ways to word the same thing. An instance I came across recently was Tic Tac Toe. In other countries it is called by other names. (For other information please reference a RadioLab Podcast Mapping Tic Tac Toe-dom or my commentary on the Podcast here.)

While I was younger my family and I would go out to eat every Saturday. We would have to decide where we were eating hopefully before leaving the house. In some instances we would decide while driving (usually because I had objected to every restaurant someone had suggested).

Once the restaurant is decided there is the discussion of which way shall we go to get there. This discussion usually comes up when traveling to Perkins. The only Perkins in our area is on the other side of a lake/river (depending on where you are). This then involves driving around it on the south side or the north side.

My dad would be driving and we would get near the stoplight where we would have to choose which direction to go, dad would ask, “Which way do you want to go?” Generally my sibling or I would reply, “It’s a horse a piece.”

This phrase has been common in my family forever. I have heard it since I was little and it is easily understandable. But since I have moved to Iowa for college I have started to notice that everyone is confused when I say it. I will often here “six of one half dozen of the other” coming from people instead. This phrase is completely lost by me, I understand it but can never remember the correct words or how they are organized in the phrase.

I guess it is a horse a piece either way.

Daily Designer Fact: coral toenail paint & white sandals, pink sparkly fingernail paint