White Obnoxious Slobber

8am-there was breakfast.

Like most mornings, I got out of bed after avoiding numerous alarms, got up, got dressed, did the whole bathroom dealio, then made my way to the kitchen.  Then again, like most mornings of my entire life I proceeded to make myself frosted strawberry Poptarts (or Toaster Pastries if you want to be picky). After pouring myself a cup of milk, warming & buttering my Poptarts, (yes I butter my Poptarts) I walked to the dining room to eat. In the short 10 steps it took me to get to the dining room I managed to spill milk from my mug onto both the floor and my left foot. I proceeded to eat, only afterward grabbing a napkin to wipe up the milk.

10am-there was a tornado.

Well there wasn’t an actual tornado, however Drake University was acting the part. During my Graphic Design 2 class in Carnegie the sirens went off. The class proceeded to head to the lower level of Carnegie to “take cover” (however my entire class as well as everyone else in the building just stood and talked). While conversing a man from the tech department (I believe) walked in my direction and made eye contact with me. Then there was a comment similar to this effect:

“Do you sometimes dance around the campus?”

Oh my goodness, what did I do. “Where did you see me?” He then proceeded to mention he had seen me near the stadium. Prior to walking away he ended with this (or something similar):

“You got a hair cut.”

Could I possibly turn any more shades of shock at that point in my life. He walked away and I then laughed, snorted, and turned away. I wasn’t alone in this area either, there were at least 7 other people within earshot and 15 others that could have heard if they were listening in.  The fact that he had seen me on campus did not affect me. I am fully aware that people could be watching me.  However the fact that he knew I had gotten a haircut, as well as could still recognize me, was simply astounding.

11 am-a puppy.

Elizabeth and I walked from Carnegie hall to Aliber hall where I leave her to go to work. She reminded me that I was going to take a photo of her for the DUiN staff page.  I pulled out my camera and we snapped some strange shots. Good thing too because as we were finishing up our mini photo session a cute adorable puppy ran up (his man was nearby). I wish I had gotten a photo, he reminded me of my family’s old dogs BB & JJ. As I was petting this precious pooch he liked my left foot, but not my right.


Had I not spilled milk on my foot the puppy wouldn’t have been as taken with me. It was cute. : ) I enjoyed the cheesyness of the moment.


Daily Designer Fact: green flip flops & red toenail paint (you don’t polish your nails, you paint them)